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Belief Brief - What is Prayer?

Posted : Feb-20-2018

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What action is at the heart of a faithful person? Prayer.

With prayer in mind, there's no better topic to look at when beginning a new catechetical series here in Our Faith Alive.

As a result of a months long project, both the Office of Formation for Discipleship and the Office of Public Relations & Communications at the Archdiocese of Toronto are happy to announce the launch of a new 16-part catechetical series entitled, "Belief Briefs."

Belief Briefs are simple. With the help of a team of priests and lay staff serving in different capacities throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto, they've taken the liberty of breaking down various topics within the faith and helping you and your faith communities understand and talk more about it using video as its premise and platform. Topics range anywhere from prayer to miracles, sacramental preparation, morality and so much more.

Over the course of the next seven months, we will be publishing and sharing these videos with you, together with some resources and material that you may use in a faith formation setting - whether that be at your local parish, chaplaincy or prayer group.

Our official Belief Brief resource will typically include a reflection, followed by sources from scripture and tradition, catechism references, reflection questions and finally, some literature worth looking at if wanting more in-depth information.

In this week's brief, we are happy to share with you our resource on Prayer.