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July Day of Prayer and Healing

Saturday, July 27, 2024 09:00 AM to Saturday, July 27, 2024 05:30 PM   |   Please contact the Sisters
Please contact the Sisters

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Healing After Abortion: Do you know someone who is carrying the grief of a past abortion? There is always hope. The pain and sorrow of abortion does not need to endure for a lifetime. A “Day of Prayer and Healing” offers the opportunity to experience the love and mercy of God and to respond to His invitation to begin the journey of healing the wound of abortion. This day includes a testimony, times of prayer, lunch, the opportunity for Confession and Mass.

For more details, locations and confidential registration, or just to talk to a Sister, please call the Sisters of Life at 416-463-2722 or reach us by email at toronto@sistersoflife.org.

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