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12 Men Ordained into the Permanent Diaconate

Posted : May-24-2024

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On Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 10 a.m. the Vicar for Permanent Deacons, the Most Reverend Vincent Nguyen, ordained 12 men to the Permanent Diaconate for the Archdiocese of Toronto. Permanent Deacons for 2024

The Rite of Ordination took place during Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica following the Liturgy of the Word.

Ordained to the Permanent Diaconate were:

  • Deacon Norberto Javier Aquino
  • Deacon Joel N. Bangalan
  • Deacon Michael Cesare Carrera
  • Deacon Choy Yat Pang Max Anthony
  • Deacon Joseph Oliver D' Mello
  • Deacon Ferdinand Aloysius John D'Souza
  • Deacon Christopher Elliott
  • Deacon Daniel Andrew Humphries
  • Deacon Robert Wijiaratnam Nevins Selvadurai
  • Deacon Floro Santiago
  • Deacon Ferdinand O. Valera
  • Deacon Ronald Alex Vaz

To watch the ordination, visit the stream on YouTube

As outlined by Deacon Ed Faulk, “a deacon is a clergyman who assists the bishop and priests. He is ordained, not to the priesthood but to service. He has a three-fold role of service: Charity in which he is of service to the community; Word in which he proclaims the Gospel and preaches; and Liturgy, in which he assists at Mass, is an ordinary minister of the Eucharist and baptism, witnesses marriages, leads the community in prayer, especially funeral services and the Liturgy of the Hours.
“The deacon finds his identity not in what he does, but in who he is. Deacons minister in many different settings from the traditional parish to prisons, hospitals, convalescent homes, juvenile detention centres, shelters for the homeless or the abused, soup kitchens, police departments, and corporations. Regardless of where a deacon finds himself, it is there that he serves.”

Please join us in praying for these deacons as they begin their ministry to the people of the Archdiocese of Toronto.