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Municipal Elections – October 24, 2022: Are you a Catholic School Board Supporter?

Posted : Oct-18-2022

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A municipal election will be held on Monday, October 24. All Catholics are strongly encouraged to exercise their democratic right to vote.  

Voters will have an opportunity to cast their ballot for mayor, city councillor and, for Catholics, a chance to select their preferred candidate for Catholic School Board Trustee. In Ontario, we have publicly-funded French and English Catholic school boards and, as a Catholic school board supporter, you play an important role in electing trustees to serve their school board and its constituents faithfully while supporting the ongoing partnership of parish, home and school. 

To vote for a candidate running for Catholic School Trustee, you need to be a registered supporter. If you are not, you can ask for an Application to Amend Voters' List. This form may be completed and submitted at the polling station. 

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) maintains an online tool for voters to check whether they are currently registered to support their local English or French Catholic Board. MPAC’s Voter Lookup tool covers many, but not all, municipalities in the province. 

To help learn more about the candidates for Catholic School Board Trustee, Cardinal Collins has given permission for these candidates to distribute literature to parishioners departing Mass on weekends from October 1 to 2 through October 22 to 23. We hope you’ll take the time to get to know those seeking elected office for this important role.  

Thank you for your support of publicly funded Catholic education!