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Ravaged by Earthquake and Storm, Haiti Needs Our Support

Posted : Aug-18-2021

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Parishioners of the Archdiocese of Toronto are asked to assist Haiti, which in recent days has been struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and a tropical storm.

At least 1,900 people are dead, 9,000 are injured and 30,000 are homeless after a strong earthquake devastated the country on Saturday, August 14, 2021. Many people with habitable houses were sleeping outside due to fear of aftershocks causing more damage. Then on Monday evening, Tropical Storm Grace dumped more than 30 cm of rainfall onto Haiti’s coastal areas, resulting in floods and mudslides.

Haiti has declared a one-month state of emergency, but it is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is unable to adequately respond to these natural disasters without international assistance. The country was already responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, worsening gang violence and a presidential assassination on July 7, 2021.

If you are able donate, Haitians would be grateful for your support.

The Archdiocese of Toronto will direct donations to Caritas, a Catholic organization with a long history of disaster relief. Caritas is already on the ground assisting Haitians, as it has been after other disasters have struck the country.

Donations to Caritas will be used for food, water, shelter, clothing and medical supplies.

At this time, it would be a great act of charity to donate to the Haitian disaster relief. If you are able to do so, please click here.